Certified Organic Matcha Tea and Essentials

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In collaboration with Taste Kaleidoscope Teas we have sourced the very best ceremonial grade Matcha Tea - certified organic - especially for our DEA customers. Unparalleled in nutrition and flavour this emerald coloured tea is the best we have ever encountered.

Mood enhancing, it is rich in antioxidants, fibre and chlorophyll, as you drink the whole leaf which is painstakingly stone ground for maximum benefit.

We think you will adore this tea, its flavour creamy with no bitterness whatsoever.

Start with just the tea and whisk and add to your collection as you go.

We also have a range of locally made matcha tea bowls as well as some exquisite Japanese Chawans available. Please see other listing online or pop  by the store.

Enjoy! There is nothing like Matcha tea!

Matcha Tea - 30 grams - $32.50

Chasen - 100 prong bamboo whisk - $45

Chase Stand - Ceramic balc - $13

Chashaku - Bamboo Spoon $9