Toru Hatta

Toru Hatta - Peach Rimless Plates

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Peach rimless plates - perfect for your sashimi or a decorative element in your home.

diameter: 12cm
height: 3cm

diameter: 15cm
height: 3cm

diameter: 18cm
height: 4cm

is a ceramicist based in Osaka, Japan.

Toru Hatta is a ceramicist based in Osaka, Japan.

His works are deceptively simple - each one a masterful rendering of traditional form and shape. Yet the glazes they are draped in are what make these pieces truely magical. Luminous and deep, his ancient greens and milky greys, embedded with flashes of colour and dark flecks, form a whole universe in your hand that draws one ever deeper.

We've been admiring and purchasing his work since our first foray to Japan in 2013, and were fortunate enough to meet him at a Tokyo exhibition in March 2020. We are now very excited to be offering his work in Australia. 

Read more about this exceptional artist here.