Tetsuya Ozawa

Tetsuya Ozawa Fluted Vase with Rounded Base

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Elegant and textured.

width: 22cm
height: 33.5cm

True collector's pieces - they usually sell out in 24 hours around the world.

Hand thrown and finished in Japan by ceramic artist Tetsuya Ozawa.
Extremely limited in numbers. 


A graduate from the Nagoya University of the Arts, Tetsuya Ozawa is well-studied in traditional Japanese Fine Arts, and in 2008, Ozawa trained under Yoshikawa Masamichi.

Ozawa lives and works in Tokomame City, a city which has been associated with ceramics production since at least the Heian Period (794-1185). He uses local clay from this city and introduces the traditional glaze called "Chara", creating his signature expression, which is reminiscent of abstract drawing.

The attractive, but rough texture of his surfaces is the successful result of the blend of local tradition with his own unique vision. Tetsuya uses a distinctive technique called "kofuki" (i.e. dusting) to apply a thin layer of white soil to the surface in order to create a unique texture.