Tetsuya Kowari

Tetsuya Kowari - Oribe Ikebana Vase - "Shard"

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A masterpiece by Testuya Kowari, this dramatic Ikebana vase, like an organic shard of emerald, is exemplary of Kowari’s signature gestural mark-making and Oribe glazing.

height: 26cm
width: 16cm
depth: 15cm

Nb. these are hand made pieces and measurements are approximate.

Oribe ware.
Handmade in Japan.

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Tetsuya Kowari produces extraordinary vessels that seem almost too sculptural to use but are in fact are all highly functional. These are pieces designed for daily use, or simply for daily contemplation of their incredible aesthetic.

Kowari creates his pieces in a wood fired anagama kiln in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the DEA Store is the official stockist of Tetsuya Kowari work in Australia.

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