Kazuya Ishida

Kazuya Ishida - Katakuchi/Pourer #1

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Combining multiple clays, this katakuchi is thrown on the wheel and then stretched internally, the result a variated surface that cracks like dry earth under pressure. A beautifully glossy finish and folded lip makes this work exceptionally unique, another treasure of Ishida that was made in and brought over from Bizen, Japan.

width: 7cm
length: 8.5cm
height: 14cm

Nb. this is a hand made piece and measurements are approximate.

Bizen ware.
Made in Japan.

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Kazuya Ishida
was born into a family of potters in Bizen, Japan, where he still works and lives. He's a master at the traditional unglazed high temperature-fired bizen-style, and generously shares his knowledge around the world teaching kiln building, firing and pottery making.

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