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Limited Edition Matcha Tea Set - It's A Public Holiday X DEA

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Limited Edition of 7 in this design.

DEA brings you a starter kit with all your matcha tea essentials with some of the very best Matcha Tea available in Japan (sourced by Taste-Kaleidoscope Tea exclusive to DEA).

The kit includes:

Ceramic Matcha Tea bowl hand crafted for DEA by Its A Public Holiday

- Certified Organic Matcha Tea 30g

- Bamboo Chasen 100 prong

- Ceramic black Chasen stand (for storage only - dry the bamboo whisk standing upright to protect the prongs)

- Bamboo matcha spoon for ladling powder into the the matcha bowl

- instruction sheet with tasting notes

- saving of $20 if items bought separately

More about our Matcha Tea

The organic ceremonial grade matcha at DEA is crafted using tender spring Tencha leaves shade-grown for 20 days before harvest. The leaves are steamed and dried immediately after harvest to maintain their freshness. The next step is sorting and de-stemming, to obtain the raw material for Matcha called ‘Tencha’, which is blended and stored in a refrigerator, to be ground traditionally in a stone mill into this vibrant jade-coloured powder upon order.

The careful blending of the Tencha leaves allows this organic Matcha to reveal a velvety jade liquor that will offer a deep and mellow Umami balanced with a delightful vegetal sweet flavour. The rarity of organic tea farms, combined with the labour-intensive production of ceremonial matcha Makes this DEA exclusive matcha tea a rare find, even in Japan.