Hiroki Miura

"Goat" - February 2024

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"Goat" - wild fired ceramic by Hiroki Miura from February 2024.   

This piece was fired using a “wild burning” technique, where the work is baked outdoors for about half a day using rice husks, straw and wood as fuel. Colouring is done by decorating with pigments, minerals and soil before firing.

Each figure comes packed in a sweet, hand made box, with an illustration of the work hand drawn on the front by Hiroki.

height: 24.5cm (incl. horns)
length: 27cm (incl. snout)
width: 12.5cm (incl. ears)

Nb. this is a hand made piece and measurements are approximate.
Nb. Kintsugi repair on horn and tail by artist.

Wild fired ceramic.
Kintsugi repair.
Handmade in Japan.


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Hiroki Miura is a Japanese artist based in Saga on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan. His playful and inventive approach gives rise to work that is colourful, magical and often surreal - like children’s paintings of fantastical creatures made into three dimensional forms.

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