Christian Bonett

Christian Bonett - "Road To Nowhere"

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This painting, by artist Christian Bonett, was inspired by a road trip to the West MacDonnell Ranges, while listening to the album "The Slow Rush" by the Australian band "Tame Impala".

Through expressive use of colour, Bonett celebrates the wide-open space the landscape offers, with the mood and energy intensified by the sounds of the album.

width: 79cm
height: 64cm

Oil on canvas.
Framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Christian Bonett

Originally hailing from Bath, England. artist and educator Christian Bonett was drawn to the natural beauty and light Australia offers.

In his recent works he attempts to highlight or champion the mundane. Paintings that depict the Australian landscape from the point of view of drivers, with reference to road trips, outback highways, and the culture of driving.