Suvira Wood Fired Three Vase Set

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A mesmerising and masterful three vase set, created using traditional Japanese Anagama wood firing techniques, from the superb hands of legendary and divine Australian ceramicist Suvira McDonald.

Alive with the soul of the Australian landscape, these pieces show to perfection how glowing embers rest in and transform the dry orange crackle glaze. 

No other surfacing of ceramics produces the natural, organic beauty that wood firing does. That’s why Suvira fires ceramics in a traditional Japanese-style Anagama, wood fired kiln that he himself built on his property in Northern NSW.

vase #1
height: 38cm
width: 9cm x 8cm

vase #2
height: 43cm
width: 9cm x 8cm

vase #3
height: 35cm
width: 9cm x 8cm